Save on gas by carpooling

Carpooling to work can save you a lot of gas money, especially if you live far from work. I used to live 25 miles from my workplace, which resulted in a 50 mile commute every day, so I was filling up the tank roughly every 1.5 weeks. Each fill up cost me around $50 at the time, so it was at least $100 a month. I then met a coworker who happened to live close by, and so we started carpooling. After this I only had to fill up half as often, saving me $50 a month, or around $600 a year. Think about what you could do with an extra $600!

Some people don’t consider carpooling because they feel it doesn’t work with their work schedule, but I found it can be quite beneficial. By planning my workday around my carpool, I got an excuse to leave work at a decent time. “Sorry, gotta go, my carpool is waiting!” And of course, you also get the added benefit of being able to take the carpool lane, possibly cutting your commute time


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